Chase the Cheese: A Fun but Silly Slot Game

There are so many slot machine games out there that many of them begin to blend together. A lot of the different slot games are just the same old thing wrapped in a slightly different package. The Chase the Cheese slot game doesn’t completely break the mold of the slot game, but it is very silly, light-hearted and funny. It is different from a lot of the other slot games because of its quirkiness. The basic premise behind Chase the Cheese is simply a mouse chasing the cheese that it so covets. Visually, this game pops pretty well. It has a very cartoony feel to it. In the bottom left hand corner you can see the little cartoon mouse poking his head out of his mouse hole, presumably looking around for cheese. The slot aspect of the game also looks like it fits in a cartoon world. Fairly vibrant colors along with prominent symbols help you to understand what is going on, and what symbols you want to line up. The symbols feature familiar icons such as red 7’s and cherries. There are also symbols unique to the game such as a wizard wand and hat, the silly little mouse that stars in this game, a mouse trap and of course the coveted jackpot symbol. Then there is the wild symbol. The wild symbol clearly stands out, and in this game it can stand in for any of the other symbols except for the jackpot.

The Bonus Round:

Chase the Cheese has an interesting bonus round feature. You need to trigger the jackpot by lining up four of the jackpot symbols while betting at the maximum. Once you trigger the bonus round you go into this mode of play where you need to guide the mouse through this perilous house, grabbing cheese along the way. There are all sorts of obstacles that can ruin the poor mouse’s day, including spiders, mousetraps and even the mouse’s natural enemy the cat. What you want to do is grab as much cheese as possible while avoiding all of the obstacles on the screen. Eventually the mouse will find his way back to the safety of the mouse hole. Depending on whether or not you were able to grab all of the cheese in the bonus level, you will receive bonus awards upon completion of the bonus stage. It isn’t easy, but it is a lot of fun navigating the mouse through the bonus round.


Chase the Cheese is a great example of a fun slot game. It caters to various demographics and can keep you entertained. The betting options are diverse with this game too. You can bet as little as 0.05 coins if you wish, and if you’re feeling lucky you can bet a maximum of 225 coins per spin. So whether you are in it just to enjoy the game and help our poor mouse protagonist get some well-deserved cheese, or if you want to win big jackpots, you should check Chase the Cheese out. You’ll find that it’s a very enjoyable experience throughout.